2.1 reco Throttle bodies

Reco 2.1 throttle bodies,
Machined bore
Laser cut butterfly
Shaft shimmed to stop further damage
Repair of spring arm
Sealed ball bearings
Switch reset to factory setting

$250 + postage
$100 refundable core (on return of complete core, charges may apply for unservicible switches, adjusters or missing parts)

I also recommend replacing the seal between the plenum at this point, I may have few of these, will have to check

Rebuild is mechanical only, all parts are cleaned and reused. Repainting and plating of parts can be carried out for extra cost for a true “as new” look.

Based in Newcastle and will install for free for drive in buyers.

Contact Nils - 0400592250 (sms preferred)
Or though the site of course.