2013 Tassie Tour

Dear Jorgen,

Thanks for sending me your details. It has enabled me to make the same bookings for you as the rest of our party namely Hart, Paul and myself. A small group of 4 vehicles which will have advantages in keeping together but still have room if others still want to join us. I'm really pleased with who is coming and glad that we can travel together on the same sailings. If anyone feels the need it is usually possible to upgrade one's accommodation once aboard.(You are in an aircraft type sleeping chair for the return voyage which you may want to upgrade to a cabin)  When making the booking it said there were no spaces for DRAWN vehicles i.e. caravans etc over 2.1 meters high but it fortunately accepted yours as it is a self propelled motorised camper van. As part of the booking I have separately  sent a copy of the booking to you  booking number 10974733 by email which has you as the passenger/driver of the vehicle but me as the contact name. Do you have a mobile number if I had to contact you although as you will be with Paul at Tamworth and coming down with him he could equally advise you if he was notified of any unexpected problem.I tried to include cancellation insurance but this is not offered to non Australian residents. (I haven't taken it out for myself).

I will delete your email to me with your credit card details  as I don't want it available to potential hackers.

Enjoy Tamworth- you might hear some yodelling but I don't think there will be any brass bands.

I'll be back to everyone once I work out some more details.

I don't think I will have any trouble spotting your vehicle when it comes to Melbourne.

Guten Targ