2024 VW Nationals

Hey folks,

Below are a few photos from the 2024 Nationals which had 3 syncros in attendance.

Quite a few 2wd T3s including a recently imported Westfalia California which is possibly the only one in Australia.



Thanks so much for the photos Scott. Next year.

Cheers, Peter

Yes…nice photos Scott. Thanks.
Some really cool steeds.

Nice photos. Love the van with the post box on the back. Must have done some long stay camping!

Yeah Jon, that one is owned by Mark Kofal’s son.

So yes a seasoned syncro traveler!

Good to see he has passed on the Syncro genes. My eldest keeps asking at what age he can drive ours (he’s 11)!.

Agree Jon.

My wife tells my kids I will be buried in my syncro, however, my eldest never was really interested in driving it.

My youngest daughter decided that she wants it when Im gone - so my syncro will live on sucking down that lovely unleaded fuel!