2100 Conti Engine for Sale

I have a complete 2100cc water cooled “Conti” reconditioned engine with all ancillaries for sale after a subaru swap.
Engine was installed in a 1990 T3 Syncro
Engine was replaced approximately 130K km ago in 2007 with the Conti engine and was running fine when swapped in May 23, just slow.
All ready to go on pallet.
Can be picked up NSW Central Coast or Sydney.

Anyone interested?

Hi Grant,

Where did you get your conversion done?

Somewhere on the Central Coast?


Retro RV on Central Coast.
Very happy with conversion.
Goes up hills in 4th gear now

So it was your Trakka syncro shown on their facebook page.

They do great work!

Not sure about that
They also did a friends Trakka a month earlier.
I can’t see anything on their Facebook page to check

Sounds like we have a few Subie powered syncros on the Central Coast NSW in our group.

Maybe time for a little adventure somewhere nearby!

I am Sydney and my friend is Wollongong, but we are both coming up for Volksfest in September at Lake Macquarie.

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Hey Grant,
I’m definitely interested. Looks exactly what I’ve been chasing!
Can you send you contact details, or give me a call?
0457 760 455

I will give you a call later today.

Sounds great Grant.

Retro RV just posted they did another 2wd T3 on their page with a subie Auto reversed box.

A good system!


Can you please post a link to the Retro RV site you are seeing.

I can’t seem to find what you are talking about.



Engine Sold.
Thanks everyone

Hi Grant,

This is one of the facebook posts that was on the kombi club page:

You will need to be a member on that to see it.

He doesnt seem to link it onto his own facebook page that often.



I have joined
I found the picture of the T3 and I think that is the Wollongong Syncro.

On a separate issue, my rear shock absorber top mounting bolt is coming loose. It is a captive nut welded in behind the bracket.
Should the bolt be locktighted?

Hi Grant, I have never needed to loctite that bolt in. I don’t have the torque spec on hand, but it is fairly tight.
Can you tighten it up firmly? (as in the bolt and nut are both sound?)
If yes, there may be some unusual load, like something bent or bottoming out the suspension.

Thanks Richard
They are new old man emu shocks and no hard use (yet) so I don’t think they will be bottoming out.
Bolt is in good condition and went back in OK.
I am going to add some nylock nuts to the bottom mounting bolts, as I have lost one and the other one was loose as well
I will tighten a bit more and see how we go.

Sounds like a good idea Grant. They are certainly not bolts you want coming loose!