92 syncro TRAKKA

Heard about 92 TRAKKA 4 sale clean look in photo’s old chap about 80 has it but not computer savy I can get his number if anyone

Throw some photos up Andy and a location (roughly) of where it lives along with how much and you might raise some eyebrows here.



Car is in Vic scott, not a tech so can’t work out how to put photos up I believe around 35.000 is the asking price ,if someone could explain how to do the photo thing be great cheers andy

Maybe I got them up :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It looks great.

I can understand why he is selling too.

How many kms on it?



Scott ,Don’t know much more about it thought to be fairly low k’s

No worries Andy.

Its a great looking syncro camper.

Hi Andy,

Let me know a contact number for the Owner and where it is please.

Might have someone who is interested.



Will pm number when I get it if still available
Cheers mate

Thanks Andy.

I will pass on the info…

I put some feelers out for David and his syncro for sale.

He may get a call or so.

Probably depends on how many lock-downs we have before Christmas.

Hi Andy,

New to the forum - first post…

Can you confirm whether David’s syncro is available please? Exactly the spec I’m looking for!



Hi Mark,

Give David a call on 0417390389 he is based in Woodend Vic



Thanks Scott - appreciated

Unfortunately I was too late - David has sold to a buyer over in NSW

My search continues!

Thanks again…

Bummer Mark.

There was a really cheap and very nice pop-top camper syncro on gumtree a couple of weeks ago that disappeared very quickly.

There is also an ex-telstra camper on gumtree at the moment. I think they want $28k.

Not sure if that’s what you are after though.

That’s my neck of the woods. Was that the white Trakka I mentioned to you about @gregespo73 ? Or the Subi conversion from WA? They are the only vans I know of.


Thanks again Scott,

Yes, I put an offer in for the Trakka camper over in NSW, buyer sold locally unfortunately! Saw the ex-Telstra one and have spoken to the seller - would prefer an original camper with rear diff and decoupler if possible.

Appreciate the heads up on both - I’ll patiently wait until the right one comes along…

Agree with that.

Wait till what you want comes up - it is very likely to yet probably not for the price of that recent NSW syncro camper - that was very cheap!