Accessorise your van

An interesting array of specialty van parts on revamped Vanistan website:

I wonder if that seat tilt system works with swivel seats - could be handy with dual battery systems.

Yeah it’s meant for only swivel bases, meaning if your present swivel base/s are bolted down or welded in, that would first need to be undone, then use his kit to install hinges instead at the front and catches at the rear etc. Voila!
Be the first aussie to do a show & tell! :grinning::mask:

It does look good but I wonder if it raises the seat any further?

Hard to tell from the installation video - but it would be very handy.

Thanks Ken. Good to hear from you. I came across this site this afternoon while researching my hot start problem that I can’t solve. The tilt seat is interesting to get access to the battery quickly.
Do you get email advice of posts by the way? I have tried everything in the settings and it just doesn’t work. So if I forget to check, I miss out on the topics. Frustrating!!!
Cheers, Peter

Hi Peter,
My best guess re: getting forum posts sent to your inbox requires fiddling about with your preference settings here: u/ portmacpeter/ preferences/ emails
Delete the 4 gaps in the above link.

Failing that, comes right down to one of lifes little mysteries eh.

Take your pick. HA!

Perhaps ask the question via the contact link on the Intrepid website?
This guy has a solid rep for helpfulness.

Here is a print screen of my settings from that link Ken.


Interesting on the seat and makes sense. Might not be legal here though?
There are also the kits to fit a slide out draw under the seats.

Hi Peter,
So with those email settings, what’s still not working for you?

I don’t get any email notifications that there has been a post on the site. For example, I saw yours just now by accident as I had the site open. I have no idea what is going on. I can normally fix stuff like this.


In other words, similar to one of the old Yahoo forum settings, your preference for email settings is to “send a copy of all new forum posts as they occur to my email inbox” ?

I cant find anything on your setup that is causing an issue.

However, I only get notifications on threads that I comment on and nothing else.

You really just need to get on a talk.

The old system used to notify you of any post from anyone. Some people didn’t like this barrage of emails so most modern systems don’t allow that.

Worth just having a look every day.


Talking about Peter and his not working email preferences, there is a related matter, that being the Award of the Badge … “First Reply By Email”
I see not one member has been awarded that Badge.

That then could suggest not one member has received a forum email to which, had they received it and replied to it, would have been awarded that Badge.
System is not working?

Emails do send out with the exception of microsoft accounts from hotmail and possibly office365, Microsoft simply won’t clear the mail server and allow emails from it, tried numerous times and it appears to be common issue when the mail server in not main stream.

You can’t reply to emails, they go nowhere as is stated in each outgoing mail, all messages must be from the forum, there is a link in the emails that will direct you to the forum.

What is the email address involved here ?

Interesting explanation, thank you.
So a solution, for those presently here with a hotmail/microsoft email account, is to change to a main stream server from such as gmail, yahoo or whatever and then receiving of emailed new posts of topics I have participated in will commence?

I, and I suspect Peter, both have hotmail accounts, hence at present, experience the same limitation/annoyance … we receive background notification of new posts we have an interest in, ONLY while logged into the forum. So log out … no notifications received at all.

So the “First Reply By Email” badge is in fact defunct. Cross that one off !

Definitely not legal without an engineer’s report, which I doubt would pass. Actually swivel seat bases really need to be certified to be legal.

I have another email address through Proton. I will change to that and see what happens.


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Please report back either way ok … live & learn on this issue.

Hi Ken. Your message came through to my Proton email account. A breakthrough!!!

Cheers, Peter

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