Aldi Sheepskin Car Covers $39

Wasn't someone  recently seeking cheap sheepskin car seat covers?
Aldi have these from next Wednesday but note only the sitting facings are actually sheepskin.
Sorry Les I know you will be even less impressed than the donor sheep.
Aldi have some other automotive goodies(eg winch) included in next Wednesday's offerings.
 Although not advertised this time  I previously bought some of their windscreen wipers which being bigger (500mm and 530mm) than the oem ones sweep a larger area and look similar to those on the latest Mercedes. I'd recomend them as they have done a good job to date with no apparent ill effect on the wiper motor. They are part number 36559 and the package includes a specific listing for a VW caravelle/multivan/california from 7/1990-4/2003. From my poor  memory they were around $15 the pair. They are made in the Brazil end of the Aldiland.
here's the sheepskin link.