Anyone Been Out doing some offroading this summer holiday period?

I know its been fairly hot over the entire country (its summer so it should be) so unless you have a good working A/C system, I assume the syncro would not have been dragged out of the garage.

However, many have.

All I got to do was drive up and work on my house in Burrum Heads Qld and do a bit of camping on the way up and back.

Hi Scott,
Just a recent shot from Mt Stapylton in the Grampians National Park…but no off road, though.

That looks very nice.
Great spot.
They can just be campers if needed. They just have that ability to get lots of places 2wd cant .
Most of the time mine is just a camper - but its great for that!

Went up to Kroomit Tops. So muggy. Regassed the air con, which lasted till half way up. Puff of blue smoke and what looked like coolant out a tail light had me worried. High pressure hose blew out of the aircon. Top of the mountain was a bit cooler but pouring rain. Muddy and trees down. Rangers couldn’t recommend the east side drive down so it was turn around and go back home. Oh well. Heaps to do. Engine bars. Heater fan. Front shocks. Air con. Etc etc.

Its definitely been a sticky summer but that is kind of normal for summer.

Any photos of the trip?

Didn’t get out of the car till back down the hill out of the rain for lunch. Didn’t even get to test the new awning.
So green everywhere.
We drove our polo to Sydney for Christmas to see the kids and all the way to Sydney and back it is so green.

Looks nice a muddy!

Agree, the grass looks very well watered…

Mud and cow pats.
Big change that has made the drive more enjoyable is removing the pod filter and putting a donaldson in. Have to turn the radio down now!

That Donaldson looks great.

My old 6 cyl subie has a pod filter when I bought it.

The first dirt road I went on clogged it totally. I put a VP commodore air filter on it and that was ok until I put the 03 EJ25 in it. I used the stock Subie Ej25 air filter but I have longed for something better like the Van Cafe version or your one.

Any more details or photos of the Donaldson and its installation?