Are these heads any good?

Hi guys,
i have been considering buying a pair of new heads.
This is the cheapest i have seen. They seem like Normal AMC heads. Any experience with these from anyone?

They look like new AMC heads. The shipping seems mighty cheap, is that the amount to Aus?

AMC heads are great but the valves they supply are crap apparently.

Buy the heads and change out the valves for a better quality set.

There’s all sorts of stories about that Scott, hard to know which to believe. I have also read some recommend replacing the valves and the valve seats, and others report no issues on unmodified one.
It’s possible an old problem AMC have fixed??
My bus has AMC heads, but unfortunately no idea if they have standard or different valves.

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I have had a subie donk in my syncro for the last 24 years (my entire ownership) so I dont have massive experience with AMC heads.

However, I have had a manual 2wd and now an auto 2wd and both have been rebuilt (by previous Owners) using AMC heads. I havent to date had a problem with the valves or the heads in the last 6 years of use and I dont think the valves were changed.

However, a mate of mine did develop issues with his valves and upgraded them.

Who knows?



I put two new AMC heads on mine last year, and realised the old ones I took off were AMC as well - no valve trouble at all on these though!