Audit - Please Check Your Details

Yahoo recently did a make-over of their websites. When I did some
checking, I found several anomalies, so I have spent half the day
going through our website and the old lists to make sure that we
haven't lost anyone.

Please take a few minutes to check you membership details to make
sure that they didn't get scrambled during the transition from the
old Yahoo format to the new.

I have sent out direct e-mails to people whose details definitely
are scrambled, and e-mails to people who are on the Australian
Syncro Register but never listed themselves on our website.

If you know anyone who should be on the Australian site but isn't,
please try to get them to list themselves.

Because I have had my hands full of other things since just after I
got the website up, I haven't looked at it much. I am surprised and
gratified to see people from South Africa, Canada, and America have
listed themselves. Thank you, great to have you with us.

We had Joachim and Jasmin from the outset, with Mike Plompen joining
very soon after.

Les Harris
Australian Syncronauts