Boston Bob Fund - Help Request

Syncro T3 Friends,

Please forgive this post about Non-Syncro T3 related content.

Currently in the US & Canada we have a PiFF (Pay it Forward Fund)
Project to help the family of an Icon (Bob Donalds) who
unexpectedly passed away on 10/22 after a battle with Cancer.

A bit more detail is available at this link:

His family is in need of a bit of financial help.

So far we have been able to raise $8407.00 USD.

It seems we have a shot at raising $10,000 for Karen & the Donalds

Wouldn't that be incredible?

If any of our friends in SA would like to help this effort it would be
greatly appreciated.

The donation period for the "Boston Bob Fund" will continue through
Sunday 11/2.

Maggie Dew and I are donating all PayPal fees so that 100% of every
donation goes directly to the Donalds family.

Donations can be made via PayPal or Charge Cards thru the
PiF Fund at, ... then click on the Visa / Mastercard Icon
"Donate" above the Pay It Forward Fund text

Or go to and send a donation to

Or send a check or money order made out to Larry Chase to:

Larry Chase
2512 Calle De Rincon Bonito
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Please send me an email ( if you are mailing a
Check or Money Order donation.