Build Your Own Syncro Campervan Competition

OK people, has coronavirus clampdown got you twiddling your thumbs at home?

Here’s a hands-on project to get stuck into, in due course we can have a meet up challenge. Feel free to build many variations, modify and accessorise, limited only by your imagination!

Might even get the kids interested!

Download and print out.


Happy times!

I already downloaded and printed it. Ready for a long boring weekend…

Here’s another fold up tin top it’s colour

Hi Rowan,
I kinda like it…
But having a Syncro that’s entirely made of paper is just asking for trouble.
Just saying…

Icing on the cake now ok. Find me the RHD TRAKKA poptop version please. HA!

Not to mention the rear fuel cap…

GoWesty has a pop top Westfalia version which came with one of their promotional emails.

:sleeping: Go back to sleep Scott. HA!
:rofl: That’s the one I first posted about here and you already replied about.

Ahh yes - all my browser on the iPad would show is the replies section.

Had to re-load it on my computer to find the whole thread.

Mine is half built - thanks to my youngest daughter and school holidays…