Calling all RHD 16" Syncro owners!

Hi Everyone. I am Pete from the UK but currently living in Tanzania, East Africa. I have owned quite a few Syncros over the years and I am currently nearing the end of a restoration of a RHD 16" Syncro that was originaly ordered and used in East Africa for Safaris. I know its very rare. Any of you own one ?

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Hi Peter.
Nice looking 16".
I think there’s 1 or 2 that live in the hills east of Melbourne.

Awesome syncro Peter!

As Gerald mentioned, there are only two 16" syncros in Australia and both are owned by a gentleman in Victoria.

These were brought over to Australia specifically for the across Australia Safari Rally yet have both now settled in more gentle life in Victoria.

Thanks for the info guys. Thought a few more would have made it over !