! CANCELLED ! Day of the Volkswagen Yarra Glen (VIC) - camp out 19/20 Nov

Hey guys,

just putting it out here, I’m planning a little camp out @ Anderson Mill Campground close by Marysville the night before DOTVW at Yarra Glen Race Track (VIC).
Will be heading to DOTVW on Sunday morning, leaving the campground around 8-8:30am to be at the event at around 9:00am.

Tickets to the event will be purchased at entry gate.

Cheers Arne

Hi Arne.
Great idea…we should be able to make it work.
Have never been there.
Wikicamps says toilets and fire pits available.

I was actually thinking of heading down to Vic for this one as my family are down there doing some athletics events, however, I now have to work.
Looking forward to retirement so this doesnt happen any more!

Hi Arne, I am up for it. Look forward to seeing you.

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Hi, looking forward to meeting you Mitho.

It has been a long time Tom, looking forward too :+1:

Hi everyone,

due to the wet grounds and the terrible weather forecast for the weekend, the DOTVW event has been cancelled!

The weather does not look very inviting to have a campout either, just wondering if you guys would be up to postpone it by a couple of weeks?

Cheers Arne

The weather strikes again!

What a pity,

Reschedule Arne - that’s ok with me.

Cheers Tom