Cape York in the Syncro

I’d have to double check, but he last belts I got were Continental and are a narrow/snug fit. They can from van cafe

Hi Richard. After Cape York I got Schwenk springs from the US with a 2" lift and B6 shocks for the front. They are excellent. Its early days but no sign of any drop. Along with new BFGs I am very happy with my set up at present. Only issue is the cost of the springs and the freight. Steve Schwenk was great to deal with and his video on YouTube of his Westy is good viewing. A very clever guy. Peter

Thanks for that Peter, I will look it up. I’m not after a lift, just good reliable springs. I am still not sure if my springs are original or not!

Still was wonderful to read about your trip, even if you had a few hiccups along the way!

Thanks again Peter, the write ups certainly sound positive for their springs. I had a measure on my van, they note a measurement of 19" from the wheel center to the top of the guard.
I measure 19" in the rear, and 18.5" in the front.
I fitted a spacer under the springs in the front a few years ago to bring it back to level, so it has sagged 1/2" in a few years!
I’m happy with the ride height in the rear, so the standard ride height springs should get me back to normal.
I can see the cost is not that bad for the springs, but expect freight to be a killer.

I’ll see if I can get some in before I replace my front axles