Cape York in the Syncro

Another Syncro has made it to the top. Not on the OTT though. But having said that we went on some shocking roads, deep and steep crossings a few times. Had a solid shaft installed in Brisbane on the way up. It’s sensational for this type of trip.


Excellent work Peter.

Did you have any issues?

Broken things?

How did the shocks like the corrugated dirt roads?

Awesome trip though - i have been watching the little snippets you posted on facebook.

Any more photos?



Goodonyer Peter, good effort.

Did you see any T4’s, 5’s or 6’s up there?

Cheers, Roger.

So weird Roger. Did not see any. Only a few amaroks. Was a great experience and our vans are simply magnificent. On the way home now. Currently in Mackay. Checking on COVID developments as we head south.
Cheers, Peter

We need more photos or videos Peter.

One photo is just a tease…



More photos to come Scott but a quick summary of the mechanical issues etc.
Total 7,311 km door to door over nearly 4 weeks. Sorted out a hot start problem which I had the whole trip with new spark plugs that Rudi put in as we dropped in to see him on the way home. Only other issues were a dry outer CV at the left rear which I fixed in Yeppoon on the way up by using a small grease gun and a thin tube into the boot. Luckily there is no clip on the rear seals. A noisy front outer LH CV developed on the way home. Had it replaced by Rudi while I was there. And finally a frozen rear universal. It would only move in one plane. Rudi and I took out the drive shaft at his place as well. He is going to rebuild my drive shaft with PTO universals but install a clever grease nipple. He said they are not as good as the original but unless you do 4WD every day they will be fine. So on the actual trip from Laura back to Cooktown I only had the hot start issue. The van was amazing. Oh, one more thing. The cable clip that hold the fresh air vent broke and it was hard to fix on the road,. So we had a bit of dust to deal with. I should have blocked the vent on the outside in hindsight.
I can’t say enough about the knowledge and skill of Rudi. He is incredible and has so many quality original parts. Nothing he does not know about T3s.
The van needs a good clean to get rid of all the dust inside and out. Can’t speak too highly of what a great machine they are. People were amazed to see a kombi way up there. Photos and videos to come.
Peter from Port

Fantastic Peter.

My main shaft universal also did that and seized in one direction making it noisy and vibrate bad.

Worth replacing with Uwe’s upgraded driveshaft which is now very quiet for me.

Agree they are awesome trucks and that Rudi is the T3 God.

Glad you had a great time and kept the superhero status of the T3 syncro going up the cape.

Cant wait for the photos as I am locked down and cant do anything!

Any more photos Peter?

I’m still locked down and looks like I will be locked down until late October by the sound of it.

So in this horrific and boring time - photos of someone having fun would be great :slightly_smiling_face:


Check these out Scott.

Thanks Peter.

Thats a good start…

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Thanks Peter,

What happened with the front hub and why did you need to refill the front diff?

Did you lose a fan belt as well? (this is a common issue on dirt roads)



Firstly I had to tighten the belt. I think my pulley is a bit worn. Belt not sitting where it should. Trying to source a new one.
On the way home the front LH CV started making a noise. When Rudi too it out the inside was pitted. Ball bearings were fine and the cage was OK but the inside was on the way out. He put in a me one for me. At the same time I had the frozen rear universal that I mentioned before. Only on one plane so it was vibrating quite badly.
Rudi suggested that we replace the oil in the front diff while we were at it. Just a maintenance issue. Not really sure why he didn’t suggest that when we did the solid shaft. My time issues I reckon.
My front springs are shot and probably the OME shocks. Trying to get some seikel springs. Made contact with Mark Kofahl. Rick looking into it for me. Will go for OME shock again I reckon. Although some are putting in bilsteins.

Oh and with the front hub I was checking the noises from the CV and universal. At a FNQ petrol station. Got onto Rudi and he said put it back together and drive on to Bribie. Which I did in a rather nervous way. :grinning:

Ok that explains everything. Sounds like the old camper was a very reliable old beast.

It does appear that you front suspension has collapsed a bit the other stuff is very typical wear issues or common problems.

I have heard a few issues with OME shocks. Graham from down my way had all of his fail on the Gibb River Road trip, had new ones shipped to him in WA then they also failed on the way back.

Go with something else - in my opinion.

The OME’s cant handle the rough stuff…

I have pulleys available from my ‘92 Syncro 2.1L I removed a few months ago and fitted a Subaru EJ25.

Let me know what you need :slight_smile:

Hi Gaetan. I am after a pulley for the alternator. Mine is a bit worn and the belt does not sit snugly in the groove. I have reconditioned the alternator with a kit so it performs very well. But when its under pressure say with lights on and the fridge going, the alternator has to work a bit harder and it squeaks. I wonder if yours would be less worn?
I am happy to buy one off you and give it a try.
Cheers, Peter

Hi Peter,
here’s a picture of my alternator. Would you be interested in the whole thing or do you only want the pulley? I wasn’t planning on removing it but happy to sell separately if it’s all you want. What’s it worth to you?

Hi Peter,
Did you end up sourcing new springs? My front springs have sagged a little over the years. Reluctant to replace mine as so many new ones seem to live a very short life, but it would be nice to bring the front end up a little…

Agreed it’s not much difference but original belt spec was 9.5mm wide, most if not all stores now only stock 10mm.
Only chance to find a 9.5mm wide belt … need to check availability with your VW dealer - Spare Parts Department. Would be a more snug fit … so can fit pulley better.