Change gearing yes,no

So question for suby converted syncronaughts
Change final drive to suit seeibg as gearbox is getting fixed thoughts advice be appreciated
Cheers andy

I had a long think about this option and was offered it by two gearbox repairers and I turned it down twice.

I prefer the great torque with the stock gearing and knowing I can load up the van with family and all the crap and the syncro still pulls hard up hills.

The subie gets a lot better economy compared to the VW donk even with stock gearing as its a much more advanced motor.

Cheers scott good thoughts you running 15 ,16
Wheels and would that make much difference you think :thinking:

I still have the WBX and noticed a big difference when I put on bigger tyres. BFG 235x75x15. Great on the highway but no pull going up even small hills. Regularly back into 3rd. Put some new firestones on that I used to have before. 205x75x15. They don’t look as good but straight away I have better driveability. It revs a bit higher but a lot better going up hills. Also better on my occasional trips around town.

The art of tyre selection is absolutely entwined with the art of compromise - there is no and never will be a ‘perfect tyre’. A big bank account can help because you can then afford to have an array of tyres for whatever purpose is at hand. From what you wrote it appears you have come to a practical compromise given your Syncro driving - good stuff. So, when a rugged monster vehicle with huge bulging knobby tyres pulls up beside you at the traffic lights and its driver smirks at your weeny 205/75/15, pull away and show him your new found extra speed uphill.

Hi Andy,

I’m running 15s but its the size of the tyres that’s the problem.

The monster 235 x 75 x15 tyres are huge and heavy.

They give a good “overdrive ratio” and the Subie frankenmotor pushes them easily…

Wheels definitely make a huge difference and Peter C said.

Hi Andy
I have the double whammy taller gearing and 225/70R15 tyres . Being a twin cab I don’t have a lot of weight , I travel 90% of the time on 80-110 roads fuel usage is 10 to 11 L/100 . 3150 rpm @ 115 and slows down to 95kph on long step hills. I could drop tyre size if I needed more yet for how I drive mine I am very happy with it. My motor is a 2.3 worked GW so a bit more power than a standard 2.1 , if I had a standard 2.1 I would not change the gearing yet if I had a bigger motor I would the way they cruise on the Hwy is a dream keeping up with all traffic pull out and overtake when needed.
Answer to your yes no question is your choice and the way you drive it.


Yes you have a nice powerful donk Michael but your wheels and tyres are a lot smaller than mine and the taller gearing would work in that situation.

A lot of people who try my size wheels 235 x 75 x 15 change them quickly back to smaller tyres as the stock motor struggles with them. I’m sure your motor could handle them but with taller gearing I think it would struggle up the big hills loaded up.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents worth into this discussion, an that’s is that I’ve got same size tyres as Scott with a stock 2.1 pushing them but have gone for a shorter 3rd and fourth gear.
Love this combo and works really well. I think if I had a suby engine and the big tyres, I would leave the gearing stock so as to keep that engine spinning in a range where it makes good torque. Eddie.

So staying with combo i got 215,75,15 sounds like
Agood combo specially seeing ill be towing the small poptop cheers all thanks for the input

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