Checking for dreaded rust!

Hi all,
Just a quick note on rust. I have been fortunate to have acquired a very rust free bus, and work hard to keep it this way. I do take it on the beach occasionally, and know this will shorten the van’s life, but hey it’s a syncro!!
One place I have had a few spots of rust appear is under the window rubbers. I have plans to remove them and fit new rubbers, but this job just keeps getting pushed back.
It’s an annual task for me, I have a soft but strong plastic spoon that nicely fits under the rubber and pushes all the way back into the recess the window sits in. I run this along the bottom edge of the window and is a good way to check for rust. On the couple of spots I have found over the years, I clean/rust convert and re-paint to keep it in good nick until I get around to pulling the windows!
Just another maintenance task for the old bus!