Checking for spark - tool

Found these going through an old set of tools. The top two items are a used to check for spark. You place them on the plug lead and look for a spark inside the little window.
I always carried one in the T2, might throw one into the T3 also!

Never knew they existed but very necessary for checking why the engine just stopped…in the middle of nowhere.

Simpler than pulling a plug out, and trying to crank the engine and see if it sparks. The “pull the plug wires one at a time” while idling is a good test as you can watch the revs drop the same for each one.

In that context would be handy to have push button switch for the starter in the engine compartment. Now is the time to instal one. Also great when checking compression.

Thanks Hart, yes that’s a great idea! I have the cabling in place for a button, but not connected yet.
I also have a bypass to run the fuel pump without starting. It’s a handy way to check the fuel rail pressure or bleed the lines.