Coolant piping ... joiners

Gday all,
Continuing on about past posts about the subject of eventual failure
of the main coolant pipe joiners ... 2 at the front and 2 at the back.

I mentioned before I was probably a candidate for buying the solution for the pipe joiners ... a good article is
available on their website about this issue.

The difference between the description of the joiners that fail as
detailed in the said article is totally different to what I found in
the joiners of my Syncro ... AND still a worry though.

My coolant pipe joins simply comprise of the plastic pipe joining to
an outer rubber hose, fastened with a screw-up ring fastener. In
other words, the pliable rubber hose is binding up onto a pliable
plastic pipe, held (cross your fingers) by the fastener. I noticed at
least one was leaking.

The GoWesty kit has now arrived and looks the goods. It's a solid
brass specially shaped joiner fitting, enabling a solid base for the
rubber hose on one side and the plastic pipe on the other to be
joined and then the supplied fasteners installed on each side onto
the rigid brass joiner. In my view, a very permanent and positive
solution to what is otherwise a pretty precarious situation.
Unless though (playing the devil's advocate here,) the brass fitting
gets eaten by the coolant! Who knows? I hope not.

So this is one of the jobs I have yet to do, in conjunction with a
complete flush-out of the coolant system ... what price peace of mind
eh? Cheers.