CV boots and adice please?

Good Morning Syncro Folks.

1:May i please ask for advice on where to purchase CV boot covers?

2: Am about to purchase a T3 Syncro from Vic, i live in Newcastle NSW and would like to replace the boots before driving it back (one is torn, so am thinking of replacing all, as it it just a matter of time before the others tear)

3: Any recommendations for a service and boot change any where around Mt Mascedon VIC?

4: Can a 1990 T3 Syncro 14" be fitted with 16" wheels (with the correct specs) without any other mods?

Hi there.

I live in the area and see the garage in Macedon often has old kombis outside. I have no experience with them though.

Another Syncro leaving Vic. Would be interested to hear about this one?


Hello Jon.

Thank you for your reply.
May i ask if you know the name of the garage?

Sure, what would you like to know?

What boots are you after? Front outer or rears? Your best bet is probably Mick Motors or Tooleys.
Just be aware, the boots nowadays don’t last long. Best brand in the past was GKN/Spidan, but seems like they dropped in quality too.

VW Tiguan ones apparently fit too, but haven’t tested it.
Alternatively use some universal silicone ones. Problem here, you need a flange for the CV joint side.

I would just fix/tape a bag around it, drive it home and take time to fix them properly. Depends how many k’s are on them, might be advisable to change the whole joints.

For 16” wheels, they will fit without any problems (as long as you stick to the right offset around ET30).
Rubber size is your issue. 215/70R16 fits quite well. Everything bigger requires some more modifications and perhaps increase in power/gear ratio.

Re John, sure he wants to know where you found that Syncro :wink:
And some details an pictures pls.

Cheers Arne

This place.

Macedon Automotive Services

Yeah just interested in the van really and the story behind it (photos would be great).

I’m just down the road in Woodend if you need a hand with anything.


Thank you for your reply Arne, much appreciated.
I was thinking of replacing all of the as it is only a matter of time before the others tear, as i think they are the original boots.

Thank you Jon

I will contact Macedon Automotive.

Will probably come to Vic next week to inspect, will let you know how it goes when i am there.

No go with Macedon Automotive.

I bought mine from Tooley Imports and dealt with Joel. From memory I gave him the VIN# to verify they were the correct ones.

Thank you for your response Harold.

Much appreciated.

Would you happen to know a VW mechanic around the greater Melbourne area?

Sorry No, I’m over in Perth. There’s lots on here who must know a good shop to go to for assistance.

Thank you anyway, i am confident there will be someone.

Arne is right.
I see no logic in any other suggested action.

Ahhh…I love the planned adventure.

Will be loads of fun and agree maybe source some local to you then fly down with them in your baggage.

There should be someone nearby that can fit them - even some business within a couple of hours drive shouldn’t do any damage as it most likely will be in traffic in Melbourne’s outskirts somewhere.

Then once done you can take a couple of fun detours on the way home.

Possibly pushing your luck but definitely a trip to remember.

Best of luck…

Yep, Adventure is definitely the word!.
Still looking, found a few though, they cannot fit me in till April.

Fun detours, yes, pushing my luck, definitely !.

I remember last time i had a Syncro (15 years ago), whilst traveling back from Sydney to Brisbane, Syncro decides stop on a two lane section of the Pacific Hwy at Kempsey.
Two NRMA mechanics attend separately, cannot find the fault, towed to local ford dealership/workshop ,three days latter, cannot find the fault, another two days at the local auto electrician , cannot find fault.
After five days in a Kempsey road side motel, NRMA decide to put it on a tilt tray back to Bris (Cost $1800.00) luckily my NRMA gold cover just covered it.

On arrival back in Bris, my VW mechanic takes 30 mins to diagnose fault (Airflow meter), engine is toast ($5,500 engine rebuild). Not sure how that rates to other Syncro owners stories, though i still remember it well!.

1 Like have boots and CVS. I order online and they get here in a few days vi auspost