CV Joint Orientation

I have just completed my first CV joint replacement - whilst i have come to terms with the orientation of of the inner race and inner cage - i am wondering if anyone has researched the orientation of the outer cage/hub? The Lobro joints i am using have a single outer ring on one side and three rings on the other side - i have found contradicting advice on the internet regarding orientation and have installed the joints with the single ring facing away from the axle? Any comments on this ? Looking at the outer cage/hub it appears to me that it wouldnt matter as long as both CV joints are orientated consistantly - in other words inner and outer CV joints are installed with single ring away from the axle/shaft?

Hi Ross, welcome to the forum!
Do you have new CV’s (pre assembled), or are you using CV’s that have been disassembled before?

From memory there is a difference in the shoulder on the inner race. I will have to dig out my old ones to check the correct orientation.
Do you also have a Bently manual? These are good as a first point of call, I can get details out of mine if you don’t


Hi Richard - thanks for the reply.

I have overhauled both rear axles on my syncro and yes there is a small chamfer on the inner race which i understand needs to be on the axle/shaft side of the CV joint. I believe i got this correct!

My question related to the outer cage/hub/flange as YouTube had contradicting advice for orientation of the CV joints that have 3 rings and a single ring?? See attached photo

Yes i have a PDF version of the bentley manual - page 42.9 - chamfer on inside diameter of ball hub (splines) must point to contact shoulder on axle shaft and to larger diameter of outer ring

Still a bit confused! … to larger diameter of outer ring? Have measured the outer ring (see photo) and the diameter appears the same for both sides.

Still need to do the front axle CV joints which are different - have consulted the manual and also Youtube - any advice is appreciated - thanks.