CV Joint replacement

Rudi to the rescue.
Last Friday the R/R CV joint in my van went kaputt. What a racket in the middle of a intersection.
Luckily Rudi was still in the area and was able to the remove the axle shaft on the side of a busy Hwy.
The point I want to make is the axle shaft was only installed less than 13000 km ago.
The kit I used is a 944 CV. The Invoice and package said GKN/Lobro however no actual marking on
the product. itself. By the way all the bolts were still tight.

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Hey Theo,

Where did you get your kit from? So after the incident, would you still recommend the kit?

It looks like you did not receive my replay. I will try again.
Hi Alex,

I bought the set from MODERN ENGINE INC in the US on e-bay.

I certainly would not recommend the kit from this company.

Just after XMAS I had to replace the left outer rubber boot.

In the mean time I have bought the standard CV joint kit genuine Lobro.



Interesting Theo,

I thought the Porsche 944 CV’s were supposed to be bulletproof.

Must be driving too hard :wink:

Theo, do you think the CV’s you got are not actual Lobro? 13000km is not much even if driven hard

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Hi Richard,

Not much to add, to what I posted in my first email.
Advertised as a genuine product but no trade markings on the actual parts.
So no, I don’t think it is genuine…