decoupler newbie questions

Col and group,

since these question pop up regularly I hope everyone is fine with me posting this answer to the group rather than to Col directly.

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 4:55 PM, Col Hadley <> wrote:

Who are they manufactured by?

The internal parts are manufctured by a german machinist. Of his decouplers there are over 600 in use. I then assemble his parts together with all original VW accessories like switches and actuators into a typically used "nosecone". This is the front piece of the transmission and an be taken off easily.
On special request I can assemble them into a new nosecone, made by VW in 1998 and still in the shelf. However, you will still need to return your core to me, and there will be extra costs and serious delays involved.

What is their price?

Fluctuates slightly with exchange rates, but currently US$1020 including shipping (split up in two packages) if you pay paypal. Core charge is another $250 and I need the core back within 60 days of payment to process a full refund. If your core comes in later paypal will charge more fees so you will only get about $210 back.

Do they carry any warranty?

I have not officially started giving out warranties. I dont want to kill my market though and get a bad reputation on the list. In other words, I will help you out if something goes wrong. Note though that decoupler failures are often related to either bad installation or a problem with your main transmission, things I cannot control.
So far I have had zero problems though with my decouplers.

Do they come with fitting instructions?

Yes, by now they do.

How are they actuated?

By the vacuum system that your van already has for the rear locker. Your van needs to have a locker installed for my kit to work. I used to have mechanically actuated ones but nowadays I really recommend adding the vacuum system if you dont have a locker.

Any thing else I need to know about their instillation/use?

Can be switched on/off while driving. Read the archives of this or other lists on the discussion whether to use it with a stock VC, agressive VC or a solid shaft. All three options make sense but your individual use of the van will answer which route is best. I do sell the solid shafts for an additional $250 but am currently out of stock.