Diff Sale

Hi All,

Offering up here before I advertise elsewhere:

For Sale

1 x non-locking front differential from Australian 1989 Syncro (code 6N 5.43 final drive). No VC. Van has been looked after and had 260km’s on it when the diff was removed. I believe the previous owner had the diff serviced however I do not have any paperwork for this. Only removed to make way for new locking diff.

1 x locking front differential (code ADM 5.43 final drive). Imported from the UK off a van with 160k. No VC. No externals (actuator, etc) or switch. Sold to me in good faith however the box has not been opened for inspection nor have I seen it running in a van.

I have some rough figures in my head for both. Send through an email if you are interested.

Pickup Sydney preferred.

Jon Bartlett