Do i have a problem

Hi brains trust syncronaughts for a while, since i got turtle, it droped out of reverse &first going down an incline (my drive) today driving at 100k
Down the hiway started jumping out of 4 th does this sound like a rudi job cheers all andy

It could also be an engine mount problem.

Well seeing im swaping out soon 2.5 guess I’ll see
But dont think I’m that lucky lol

Yes, jumping out of gear is usually a gearbox issue.

I would start talking to Rudi if I were in your position.

Check the rear bellows and ball and socket. Renew what you have to.
The new bellows and bush can be a bit tight though.

Confirm Scott’s view. Phone Rudi for a chat, best @ 8pm QLD time weekdays.
Options are:
Ship to him in a crate the transaxle for rebuild … Rudi can fix one drivetrain issue or,
Take the van to him, stay over … Rudi then can fix ALL your drivetrain issues … AND MORE!

Ì’d recommend the second option … been there, done that.

Long way to drive with my hand on the gearstick but 2nd option is probably be the way to go I’ll talk to rudi see then go from there

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Totally agree with Ken. I have also done that at least three times with excellent results. Each time Rudi fixed a few things while I was there. Last time he adjusted the play in the clutch as a side issue and it just feels great. Like a new car!!!