Doka for sale on FB

On Facebook.

Hi Jon.
I’m not on facebook…is there another way to view the DOKA?

I got on to it Jon…
Green with a 3.3L for 50 big ones!

VW T3/25 Dual Cab AWD DOKA. 3.3l 6 cyl svx engine, bucket seats, big tyres, 2" lift. Wolf EMS. Only 200k original kms. Engineered, on club plates. Very quick and powerful. EXTREMELY RARE.
Ready for body restoration, or not, lots of real credibility. This is an investment vehicle that is actually useful!

Looks very nice. 6cyl must be a smooth running engine!

This has been for sale for a while now ( a few months) and has not dropped his price.

Its clearly a rare beast but judging by my experience with 6 cyl suby motors pushing a VW transmission, the syncro box wont last long.

No decoupler or knobs of any kind from what I can see either.

And will suit a resto project - another 25k to be spend on that Syncro.

Rare beast, but slightly overpriced imo

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Agree, it looks like a huge project as Dokas or single cabs often are due to the tray and rear cab roof rust issues.

Definitely well overpriced and will sit for sale for a long while if the price stays at that amount.

Wait another 50 years and it will become an antique - price then justified? Seriously though, when I view this vehicle apart from paint, big engine and lift/tyres, not much else is mentioned - why? To justify the price you would need more detail. Rarity alone does not cut it in my view unless you are museum minded.