Doors and wing windows seals

I’m about to replace my sliding door seal (Van Café USD 84.95) and am purchasing their Upper Door Lip Seals (USD 14.95 for a pair), just wondered if anyone had any experience with the latter? They’re supposed to help with wind noise.
I’m also going to replace my wing windows weatherstrip seals (USD 54.95 each) - hoping to get a much quieter cab on those long trips :slight_smile:

Just had a 3,200kms trip around WA, the Subi motor never skipped a beat and drank just 1L of oil. Happy camper :slight_smile:

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Those upper front door lip seals are only on Caravelle CL & GL models. My syncro had the doors taken of and repainted before I bought it and they removed them all - there is another seal for the lower front door lip which are often forgotten when doors from Caravelle’s are reinstated and it is supposed to keep out the air/ road noise.

My 2wd actually makes a lot more wind/ road noise compared to me syncro.
My 2wd has all the seals - Noisy
My syncro doesn’t have the front door lip seals at all. - Quiet

Not how VW intended!

That’s good to know Scott! My front door seals are ok, but as VC advertised those upper door seals as noise-reducing I thought I’d give them a go - 15 bucks is a small risk if they do help :slight_smile:
I’ll ask them about it!

Agree they are cheap but if you have low expectations you wont be disappointed :smiley:

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