Dreaded Fuel Leak

Had a fuel leak in the main line coming from the fuel pump. Very obvious smell and found it by a visual inspection. Lucky to do a temp fix and reduce the risk of a fire.

Want to replace all the lines but from my research it's nigh on impossible to do the lines that go over the fuel tank.

Has anyone had this issue and found a solution without dropping the tank?

I like the kit from GoWesty. Good rubber and German clips.

Peter from Port

I remember Les saying it was a nightmare to get the swollen plastic tank back in, so I haven’t ever tried.

I replaced all the accessible hoses a few years ago, but made the mistake of buying EFI hose from a a particularly “Cheap” store. They perished within a few months. Then I went to Repco, asked for the best quality hoses, and came home with Mackay hoses and Utilux hose clamps. They are still going strong five years later. I re-routed the hose from the pump to the engine, and fitted insulation on points where heat transfer or abrasion was possible.

I guess I will have to bite the bullet and have a go at removing the fuel tank one day, as there are breather hoses, grommets and seals that won’t last forever. I’m hoping that they all last until the next time I have the motor and tranny out.

Cheers, Roger.