dual battery

I have had various second batteries in my syncro over the past 9 years and I once believed
that a similar battery to my starter battery would suffice until I started camping at a
location for longer than about four days without starting the vehicle. A quick calculation af
the amps drawn showed that the batteries reserve was be run down below a safe
recommended level. A standard battery is designed to supply a high current over a short
period and be recharge promptly.Quite the opposite is happening when camping. Of
course it will depend on the individuals usage, but if allowed to run down , the battery will
be permanently damaged. This happened to me with a conventional battery when the
fridge (10 amp ) was accidentally left on for several days. I now use a 60amp battery with
recessed terminals (claimed to be deep cycle) which is 190mm high and sits flush with the
top of the battery compartment / base of the seat adjustment rails. This has been used
extensively over the past 3 years with no sign of deterioration. As I said before do the
sums and each persons requirements will be different. Some of the solar shops have good
calculation charts for determining battery size and type.