Engine conversion - help needed with generell thoughts

So we're still thinking about which engine/engine type to choose...
First of all thanks very much to the guys who answered our first "engine survey" dated aprrox three weeks ago. The answers were really helpful already.
We know the archieves of the groups are an incredible good source for some of our following thoughts, BUT there's so many conversions out there and we would like to know YOUR individual thoughts/experiences about YOUR conversion.
So once again, to all who haven't replied to our first mail yet, PLEASE let us be part of your ideas and reply the following things to us.
Thank you!
Joachim and Jasmin
South West Germany
1) Your stock engine is a:
2) You drove ... KM/miles with it:
3) You converted to (make, name/model):
4) You've been driving ... KM/miles with converted engine:
5) Converted engine produces ... NM of torque at ... rpm:
6) It has ... HP:
7) You had your gearbox/trans rebuild or replaced at ... KM/miles:
8) You drove ... KM/miles with stock engine and ... KM/miles with converted engine:
9) The T3 gearboxes are said to be able to cope with 200 NM of torque. You cope with the torque your engine produces in the following way (mods to the gearbox / other gearbox than VW / simply rebuild it from time to time -> every ... KM/miles):
10) The average fuel consumption on road and off road is:
11) You use a decoupler:
12) You are especially satisfied with your conversion because: 
13) You are not satisfied with/because: 
14) If you chose again, you would do the following conversion:
15) Because:
16) The points that have made you decide for your engine are: 
17) The tyre size, gearbox ratio and gears you use are: 
18) You have your engine from:
19) The conversion was done by: 
20) You don’t need to answer this one if you don’t like: The complete conversion was:
21) You expect your engine will last for:
Once again, thanks you very much for sharing  your thoughts.