Finally ej2.5 done

So after many years talking about it got turtle down to luke for what would maybe the last conversion he does in vic for somtime now if i can work out how to put photos up

Great photos…you’ve gone and done it.

Yep also done got the flu so ya still want a visitor

Ummm…better wait for a while.

Very nice Andy.

He has used a lot of small car stuff in there too - they work out great in a syncro and the subie donk replaces the VW water leaker really well.

Aint that the truth yep all small car bar bellhousing rjes

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Good pics, Luke did mine as well. Now, why did you say his last one for a while?

Also, can’t see but did he fit a pod air filter? If so, I can highly recommend the custom air filter box by Van Café - I reckon my Subi got premature wear from dusty roads feeding the pod :-/

The VC box fits on the left hand side, reuses the original VW snorkle (swap from right to left) and just needs a short length of 60mm pipe to connect. You do need to get the whole filter box kit though, as it won’t connect to the air gear Luke fits…
Also, SmallCar make a flexible oil dipstick that relocates to the original place behind the rego plate - great inexpensive addition as you need to keep an eagle eye on Subi oil levels.


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I have vancafe air fitting now it arrived after luke finnished the job ,Luke’s moving to the central coast nsw building retrorvs those caravan bay window conversions full suby running gear had a look at one when i picked up turtle quite neat
Cheers andy

Luke is moving very close to me, which makes me happy!

There was one of those retro rvs in Port a few weeks ago. They look very well constructed. Peter