For sale: Rear window delete + transport system (e.g. for Maxtrax)

FS a set of rear window delete panels (Apolic/Dibond composite material) + transport tracks on RHS e.g. for Maxtrax Recovery Boards.
Panels are cut to size, straight replacement of windows using original rubbers.
Track system with reinforcement inside! I’m using the same setup for a while now, on- and off-road.
You can even pull up yourself on them, no movement at all.

Pick up in Geelong area or Melbourne. Also heading up to Sydney next week (Campbelltown area) and can drop it off somewhere on the way.

Price $325

Cheers Arne

These do look good Arne.

Do you have a version that suits the Caravelle GL rear vent windows?



Hey Scott,

yeh that will be not a problem. Just can shorten them to suit :+1:

Cheers Arne

I thought so.

I thought you had the rear vent set up in your van.

I left the option open depending what is wanted. But correct, I have a vent in my set up.

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