For sale trailmaster front struts

Hi all 

I thought I would let you know, I have a set of front Maas trailmaster heavy duty struts for a syncro for sale. I purchased them from syncro services for the 16" doka. Unfortunately they don't fit which was frustrating as I had forgotten that yrs ago I tried old man emu and they were the same. Why I had done this was I have rebuilt the front end of the doka, and one of the bilsteins had a bent rod only because the past install was done wrong.
Anyways I've had the bilsteins rebuilt and they fit as post rebuild. I'm stumped why the trailmaster or old man emu don't fit and definitely an original strut won't fit. Driveshaft is thicker because it's a 16" with diff lock and drivehaft hits spring perch and body.
I will be at day of Vw at yarra glen if anyone is interested. 
Regards mark