Found suitable Audi CV boots to fit Syncro 16 front CV's

As some of you might recall, I was trying to find some Syncro 16 CV boots about 9 days ago. Today I was able to find confirmation of something John Wessels found years ago.
I ordered a set of front CV boots for my 1989 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro Avant. I figured that if they did not fit the 16, I could always use them on my Audi. I received the boots today. See photos comparing the boots. The light colored hard boots are original Syncro 16 boots vs. Audi 200 Turbo boots. As can be seen when the bottoms are put together, they are intended for the same size CV's. The rubber Audi boot are considerably softer and more compliant. The 16 boots have 4 folds vs. the Audi's 3. The small end for axle is slightly smaller in diameter on the Audi's. I haven't measured the axles on the Audi so at this time, I can only speculate that the hole is smaller to compensate for the characteristics of the material rather a difference in axles sizes. I will try to confirm this at a later date. The Audi boot is about 13mm shorter. This again can be attributed to use of material. The harder 16" boots require more precise dimensions vs. the more compliant Audi boots. They could simply stretch the extra distance once installed.
John installed a similar Audi boot (from the 5000 Turbo) on the passenger side of my Syncro 16. Although the there wasn't too many miles logged on that boot, it has been to SdM before and has endured about 8-9 years of occasional use.
I am sure someone asked this question before. I am wondering if the outer CV on the Audi Turbos might be usable as a substitute for the Syncro 16 outer CV joint.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 11:06 PM, BenT Syncro <> wrote:
Hi all,
My apologies to those of you on multiuple Lists for the crosspost. I was looking to fix my CV boots and wondered if anyone knows how to break down the LÖBRO part numbers. The out CV boot that John Wessels (SyncroMog builder) took out of my Syncro 16 many years ago had the following markings:
LÖBRO 2 152 15 75 00 029
Is that the correct part number? John found out that the Audi 200/5000 turbo boots fit the larger Syncro 16 outer CV's. Unfortunately, they do not appear to be as durable in the Syncro. The boot he took out is the rigid nylon type vs. the Audi soft rubber type. I may resort to using Audi boots again just to get my Syncro moving sooner than it takes to order parts from Europe.
I would like to be able to ask for the right part number other than just asking for Syncro 16 boots. I've always found that saying "Syncro 16" is just as bad as asking for a parts using a Porsche part number vs. asking for the exact same part with the VW part number. The difference in names seems to multiply the price geometrically.
Thanks in advance,