Fraser Island Adventure

Anyone ever been on Fraser and managed to get right up to the Sandy Cape Lighthouse?

Saw this video of Beau’s trip and wondering how many others have done the same.

Thinking of doing this next year sometime…

Im keen as beans to go to Fraser, hit me up if your planning a trip!..

Fantastic Joe,

Looking at some time next year outside of the school holidays where possible.

Not really summer as its too bloody busy!

I have been to Sandy cape a few times. Nice spot to sit and watch the world go by. Ngkala rocks can be a challenge, but drive sensibly and it’s passable. Better still at a very low tide you can drive past on the beach. You are right Scott, pick your time of year. I’ve never been there in summer, very dry sand and hundreds of people churning up the sand does not make for a fun trip. I have been there from mid August to early October and has always been nice (good time to fish for Taylor).Frazer is great to visit, but unless you’re there for some time, you’re best to pick and area to explore, and do another area on the next trip. It’s a big Island!

I did it back in the mid -90s with an 85 model Mitsubishi L300 4x 4 van and we did everything up to Ngkala rocks - didnt even try that plus rainbow beach in early February.

Had no issues then despite the under-powered engine. Got bogged getting off rainbow beach and had someone with a snatch strap ready before I even got out of the van. That was the only good thing about the crowds.

These days in summer I hear and see videos of vehicles lining up for miles waiting for ferries to even get on and then off the island.

So summer is out for me. Not fond of long queues!

Traversing the inland tracks was easy - just have to watch for people coming the other way.

I’m thinking late Autumn next year possibly…

I agree with all the views about timing. It’s crazy there in the holiday season. I was talking to Rick about this at Valla and am very keen. He was as well. Only issue I have is I can’t resolve my issue with a vibrating prop shaft. Tried another one of Rudi’s today and had the same issue. Will be chatting to Rudi to work out a way forward.

Cheers, Peter

Peter, re your prop shaft vibrations: did you fit new gearbox mounts?

Cheers Arne

No Arne. Nothing has been changed there. Its all very odd.


Hi Scott
I did it about 2 years ago in our 4x4 canter with a slideon on it, great trip did the rocks and needed torque to pull through the sand with the locker on. My only concern with the T3 would be the salt water we went through a lot and I had 36s on the truck. Cleaned and washed at Rainbow beach and washed and Penolubed when I got home and still had to treat bit of chassis rust. I would not do it in mine as the seams are getting old and to hard to get at. I would do it in a new car that I can replace in a few years.

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Peter I fitted a new donut new uni joints had it balanced at Beresfield all new bolts were the same weight and fitted all new rubber mounts all fixed yet a bit of work.

Thanks Michael. That is quite a bit of work there. I am glad it worked.

Cheers, Peter

Did it bout six years back in turtle not right up to light house over rocks took it slow, pulled diff lock in once over a fortnight in about august or early september even a fair bit in 2wd love to go again with the suby conv also, is it morton Island?
Suppose to be no so busy and no dingos
Cheers andy

Great to hear you are also interested Andy.

I took my syncro on Moreton Island at the end of the Qld school holidays and it was really busy and really chopped up and it was back in 2002 when the country was in another major drought.

It was great fun and the syncro went everywhere but its definitely not quiet.

No dingoes though.

Im still very keen for this

Planing on beinģ up quland atound june or back that wayround august ,with hopefully a trip up cape york if anyone intrested dates flexible at moment
Cheers andy

I prefer Moreton, definitely quieter than Frazer, and a lot less driving to see everything. That said, there is a lot more to see on Frazer. Depends on what you are looking for. Moreton is great is you want to get away and just relax. Is also nice for a bit of Kayaking or snorkeling at the wrecks etc. Frazer is good for a bit more adventure and travelling about
Andy, Cape York is a trip on my wish list!! I am possibly doing it but more likely on a 2 wheeled German flat twin at this stage :slight_smile:

Richard can do cape as hard or easy as you like so able to be enjoyed by everyone i believe, realy loking forwatd to it cheers andy

We are tentatively aiming for 2024, but not in the Syncro :slight_smile:

Well…at least it’s German!

And at least it’s air cooled :slight_smile: