Front inner CV boots

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone has recently shopped around for cv boots. I’m aware that the rears fit the front inner on the 14" models and one of my front inners is split. Doing research on the samba i may as well give up because quality has taken a dive over the years.
But. Micks has a couple on their site. One for rear and/or front inner and another specifically for front inner(cheaper) Both gkn/lobro.
Heritage has meyle brand for almost double the price.
What do you say?

Hi Neil.
I’ve got the Rockford from GoWesty.
Fits rear and front inner.
Firm plastic/rubber composition with metal flange and band.
#211 501 149RF.

That’s the same part number as the dearer one at micks.
How long has it been in Gerald?

Sorry, I carry it as a spare…
About 6 years ago I had a pair of complete beefed up front axle kits installed with GKN componetry from Bus Depot…not sure what boots were included, unfortunately.

Yeah quality has dropped a fair bit and they will probably last you 2-3 years before the will start to get porous- May be a few more year, but def. something to have on the agenda for a regular check.
Take the GKN ones from MM, if you go for the front inner only make sure you have got the flange (as they are without). If they have been replaced on your Syncro in the past, most likely they have used then rear ones and chucked the flange in the bin…

Looks like i have the flanges.

Yep, these are the flanged ones :+1:t2:

A bit of fun and games but easy with a good mate to help.
Fitted new OME front shocks while in there. Might be a bit high now.
And refitted the balanced tailshaft. Test run tomorrow.
Modified protection bars ready to go on. Then the dash removal for the fan.

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Hey Neil.
Well done…good luck with the rest!