Fuel Filling Problem

I have a fuel filling problem with my Syncro. It takes the first 60
litres at full fuel pump delivery, then only a trickle up to full

I am reposting a message from one of the US sites in the hope that
more information will be forthcoming.

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The hose coming out on the bottom of the tank on the left side,
about 1/2" diameter, goes to the fuel pump, mounted close inside the
suspension. From the pump, about 3/8" diameter, goes up behind the
suspension support to the fuel filter, sitting on top of large
charcoal canister. This line emerges slightly on the left, below
the return line and is your supply. The return line goes back to
the tank into the flange of fuel level sensor. The third hose comes
from the charcoal canister, goes up and comes out on the far right
on top, your vapor recovery line.



Do the American Syncros suffer from a fuel filling problem?

The RH drive Australian and South African Syncros will fill from
empty at normal fuel pump speed but then stops abruptly at about 60
litres (15 US gal). From there up to full capacity of 80 litres (21
US gal), it will not take more than a slow trickle. On a busy
petrol station driveway, I stop the pump as soon as it hits this
point and have to wear more frequent fills. The alternative is to
hold everyone up for another five minutes while the rest trickles

The Bentley illustration is extremely unhelpful because none of the
plumbing is labelled. I will mark up my Bentleys with the
information that you have provided. Any other information from
members would be helpful.

I don't want to drop the engine/gearbox out just to investigate this
problem but if and when it becomes necessary, I will try to
establish why it does this. If necessary, I will install a manually
operated valve to bypass the rest of the plumbing during the filling

Can anyone else add to this?


Les Harris
Australian Syncronauts