Fuel & Water Tanks

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I wonder - would there be any interest in another group purchase for the Stainless Steel tanks from South Africa?

They are made out of 304 grade stainless and are suitable for fuel or water and hold 58 litres. The price on the tanks is A$520 and the fitting kits are A$195. 

The price for freight for a pair is $250

This cost would be reduced in a group purchase.

Bear in mind the items incur duty and GST on arrival into a Australia. This applies to the final price of the goods.

On top of that would be the local freight cost to each purchaser.

Any interest?

Personally - I am interested in one for a fuel tank.


I’ve just finished CAD drawings for the tanks and sourced a local machining shop. They quoted me 300AUD to fabricate out of 304 SS. I’ll use the 2wd filler cap and a spare fuel pump (which is handy to have with you on big trips anyway). If someone wants to go that route I’m happy to share files. 


Hi Beau,

I am interested


What does $300 include?
Does it include the welding?
SS spigots for fuel inlet, outlet & vent spigots?
Mounting straps?
Any baffles?
Tested. Fluid tight.?


On Wed, 16 May 2018, 9:30 pm Beau Sagadin beau.sagadin@yahoo.com [Syncro_T3_Australia], <Syncro_T3_Australia@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
I'm interested too, but dont want to be involved in a prototype with íssues.
I applaud what you have done, I really love it, but I am wary of the little gotcha's that can happen with a new design.
But....I am still interested :)

Hey guys.

300AUD is for the welded tank with spigots/nipples for filler, vent and outlet, 2 baffles inside, fluid-tight. Mounting straps, hoses, pump, filler cap etc. not included - have to sort it out myself.
I'm doing this for myself, as am prepping the van for our big trip in September-October (Brisbane - Alice Springs - Simpson Desert - Brisbane) and need to carry a lot of extra fuel.
I don't have time to organize this for a group buy/fabrication, but as mentioned am willing to offer CAD designs and pdf plans/drawings for anyone to use "as-is". 
I will release plans and pictures after completion and install of my tank, so anyone can decide if they want to use it or not.



Once you have done yours - maybe the company could offer it and just supply their phone number.

They may be able to fabricate tanks and ship to whoever wants them.

Would save a lot of money for many!. Just a thought.



On 17/05/2018 9:01 AM, Beau Sagadin beau.sagadin@yahoo.com [Syncro_T3_Australia] wrote:

This Price Beau has quoted seems exceptionally cheap.!

If a workshop has an hourly labour rate of some $60 per hour then 5 hours labour comes to $300.00 without any materials, or GST?
And I would would think it would take 5 hours to construct each tank - at least, minimum?
I would like to see the finished item up close to examine the finished product.


Peter, as you live just down the road, you will probably be the first to be able to see it :P

It was quoted as 3 hours (cut on the machine - I suppose water jet, but might be a laser) labour @50$ per hour + 150$ for material.


Ok sure.
Must have developed a method of creating a box without the need to weld?

And this is exactly the reason, why I don't want to have anything to do with organizing this for a group buy/order...to many complications.
I'll just give you guys the plans and do with them what you want, if you want :)


Folding will eliminate many of the required welds

Sounding great Beau. If you are going with the EFI pump like I have, you might need to think of a way to prevent starving the pump when the tank gets low (maybe a little baffle around the outlet pipe?). I have been running mine for a few years now, and generally run the second pump until I feel some hesitation when driving. I know these pumps do not like to run dry, and I have noticed the second pump sounds a little nosier now than when it was new.

Also sounds like a great trip you have planned!!


I am interested in 2 tanks

Hi @beau.sagadin. Sorry for reviving this old post. Did you ever get these water tanks made up? I am looking to replace my crusty Trakka versions and would be interested in the design.

Hi Jon.
You could try Long Range Automotive in Lilydale.
2 years ago they fabricated and fitted a fuel tank and a water tank for me.
I dropped it off on a Monday and picked it 4 days later.
Very neat job…I love them…(the tanks that is).


Found the file from a previous post (Syncro aux fuel/water tanks via j3gyxo5fvwm3nwk4ygpr):


Thanks John.
I have one of the tanks from South Africa, so no plans to build another. The one I have is designed like that (maybe one is a copy of the other?).
If I was to design my own though, I needed to add notches to the top of the tank to clear the mounting bolts for the (factory) middle row seat. This allowed me to pull the tank hard to the floor.
I also used 4 straps (not just two it came with), and I would have put 4 baffles in the tank to line up with the straps for added strength.
I also would have (internally) run the breather to the middle of the tank to stop surging down the breather when the tank is full.
I can’t remember the thickness of material in my tank, but it was quite heavy, and could have easily been made lighter. You could put a second skin on the bottom if you were worried about damage off road.
The other mod I would have made is a collection point internally at the outlet. The idea would be that it fills easily but traps some fuel there. So if your tank is getting low and you are breaking or cornering, the pump does not run out of fuel immediately. The factory tank does not have much fuel in the tank if you run it dry. This tank typically has 5L or more unused when empty unless you try and run the pump on hills etc to try and drain it fully.
This is an issue for me because I run two EFI pumps. The EFI pump (stock Bosch one) on the auxiliary tank runs the engine as well as transfers petrol, so I need to be aware of where I’m driving when I use the pump otherwise the engine runs out of fuel (and it’s not good for the EFI pump). this is not so much an issue with a transfer pump.
I set mine up this way for redundancy. If I ever have running issues and suspect the pump, I simply swap pumps and see if that helps. I also don’t need to carry a spare pump, as one is mounted permanently to the van.

Hi Jon.

Sorry for my late reply. I have not proceed with making them as I found a new old stock original trakka one, which was cheaper than making a new one :slight_smile: I think Peter B. already put my designs up somewhere on the forum. I can try searching through my archives and post them again.


No worries. I got hold of Peter’s file. Attached is an image of this for reference.

Thanks for the advice @cathrich1. I will try and add this into the design. All valid points.

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