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Hi Potential Tasmanian Devils,
Its pretty apparent from the feedback to date that we shouldn't be jumping in and booking anything at the moment as obviously more lead time is required. I rather feel the same but having put my hand up wanted to honour my promise if there was sufficient immediate demand.
Given the comments It does seem a question of whether we aim for Nov 2012 or Feb 2013 but either way it should allow the itinerary to be massaged better to allow time to stop and smell the tassie devils and also recognise that 20 yo vehicles may not run trouble free.
I would probably favour Feb 2013 but don't take a lot of convincing at any time to jump in my syncro. I'm thinking I'd like to get down to Tassie in the meantime and check out that NW road section as I've never done it. My son reckons it can be done with a 2WD vehicle but there are many interesting 4WD tracks off it into the forests or down to the coast. I've made some attachments which wet my appetite. If I do decide to go down I will post it here first in case anyone wants/can join me. I'm thinking perhaps May 2012 but like everyone even as a retiree have to fit round other needs and demands beyond pure enjoyment.
If we are revising the itinerary particularly with more time we might also consider including the Bay of Fires in the NE.(Lonely Planet gave it a very good rap.)
Ken I also have to reply more specifically to some of the confusion I have caused you.
Did I (a) put in Lake St Clair(from the south) because I confused it with Dove Lake (below Cradle Mountain (in the North). or b) did it that way to check if you were paying attention, : what do you think the answer would be? Similarly Reece up from Strahan is the Reece Dam marked on the attached map and The Gorge is indeed the Cataract Gorge at Launceston.
Beauty Point is nearer the coast up the NW part of theTamar Valley away from Lauceston. It has a maritime college there and also platypus aquariums. You pass Beaconsfield to get there location of the mining disaster that killed 1 and trapped 2 for weeks.There is a historic mining museum there.
We won't have any trouble finding things to do plus I recommend the scollop pies at Coles Bay. If people are happy to feed ideas and experiences to me I'll consolidate them and issue bulletins from time to time and round people up when decisions have to be made.
Hope everyone is happy with this. The first decision is November 2012 or Feb 2013 and how long for the core trip without extensions. 
By the way the Spirit of Tasmania  TT Shipping Line told me that they need a minimum of 17 adults before they will consider repeat only consider group concessions. I think 8-10 vehicles should be the maximum number we take.which could possibly start to nudge this number.
Will send this twice with and without attachments in view of past troubles.
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Thanks for all the thought you've put into this, Roger. We're not in a position to come this year, but if autumn 2013 is an alternative, then it's a possibility, although it would mean taking kids out of school (I can't hear them complaining, however). 

The itinerary looks well thought out to take in the highlights of Tassie within a short time-frame, but I think I agree that the pace might be too hectic for a group, given all the things that can go wrong, etc. I agree that lay days are a good idea. How would it be to do a northern Tassie plus east coast cruise within that time frame? Those who wanted to stay on longer could head over to the West Coast independently. Just a thought.


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Hi Roger,

Thanks a lot for the update and your Tassie Tour itinerary to review and refine. Looks like it has legs!

Our main stumbling block now for a mid February 2012 Tour departure as I suggested in early November 2011 (please refer to my detailed forum post No 15639 on 02/11/2011) is the inadequacy now of any meaningful Tour lead time. Typically, planned syncro tours can have lead times of 1 to 2 years. Bad enough that my November 2011 post 15639 offered at that time of a very minimal 3.5 months for a mid Feb 2012 Tour commencement. Given most of this lead time is now lost, I'd suggest in the interim, potential participants availability and circumstances have changed.

We still prefer a Tour departure date of mid February. Without an adequate lead time now for 2012, may I suggest this tour be deferred to mid Feb 2013. This offers a meaningful lead time for all participants for individual vehicle preparations, refining of tour itinerary etc, bookings, participant recruitments, interstate travelling, the best Tassie climate time, the best off-peak "window of opportunity" time slot of up to 5.5 weeks to accommodate the Tour plus optional add-on solo touring and the most economical time-slot etc. etc.

I agree with Theo, ideally Tours need spaced lay days or half days for timeout, emergency vehicle maintenance and repairs, domestic chores, relax and/or physical rejuvenation. If that means making the Tour a bit longer, so be it and all still well within the low off-peak and most economical period.

My latest two bobs worth. Hope to hear from others on this topic please.



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Sorry the half completed previous email was sent in error

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From: Roger Bell <bellrmit@yahoo.com.au>
Subject: Group visit to Tasmania
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Is there still enthusiam for this proposal first raised late last year?
Theo has prodded me so it seems we have 2 starters and to give you something tangible to consider I've outlined a 14 day tour but everything is negotiable.Would particularly like imput from our Taswegian members including whether they could join us for all or part.
There are some constraints however.
Tassie can start to get chilly April onwards. (It can also be glorious  in April and Snowing on the peaks in January) 
Easter is Fri 6 April - Mon 9th April(schools 15 April)   Tas School Term commences 14 Feb until 1st June with Easter break
The shipping service to Tasmania -Spirit of Tasmania fare structure has the following low and high demand times which affect fares:-
Low demand: 11 Feb - 25 March   & 21 April -2 December
High Demand Dec -10 Feb & 26 March -20 April.
Fares are cheapest for day sailings which are infrequent and do not include any cabin or recliner. A restricted number of pensioner concession tickets are made available and occasional "specials" are advertised.
A Syncro under 2.1 metres(including luggage racks and any loading) is $83 each way.
As a guide the cheapest accomodation Ocean Recliner seats are $123 on special; $143low $148 high & $89 pensioner compared to deluxe cabins $207,L $373 H $214 P
conditions on refunds etc are quite restrictive particularly on specials. They do not give general rates and advise that you have to plug your details in their site to get a specific quote which is not guaranteed until payment in full is made.
What would you think of this itinerary for starters going clockwise round the Island.
Day 1   Assemble in Melbourne for 7pm overnight sailing
        2   arrive Devonport 7am breakfast, on to Cradle Mountain via Sheffield and a hot springs pool.Walk round Lake St Clair circuit (2hrs) visit Tas Devil Sanctuary stay overnight Cradle Mountain or Deloraine.
Day 3 On to Launceston via Liffey Falls,Entally House, Hadspen stay at  latter or Launceston
Day 4  Launceston visit the Gorge, National Auto Museum, Boag's Brewery (or Cascade in Hobart) Museum, Cable hang gliding,Beauty Point plus Vw repair shop if needed.
Day 5 Down Central Highway via Longford (race track) to historic towns of Ross and then back to Campbelltown and east to Coles Bay entry to the Freycinet Peninsular
Day 6  Walk to Wineglass Bay lookout (or actual Bay if keen) back to  Bicheno, Swanseaand stay 9 mile beach Dolphin sands.
Day 7 Continue along East Coast to Richmond (Oldest bridge in Australia) Port Arthur  and on to Hobart.
Day 8 Hobart : Mt Wellington, Waterfront, Salamanca Place Shot Tower Cadbury Factory, Cascade Brewery, Museum. Wilderness flights to SW possible from here.
Day 9 Bruny Island  then to Southernmost road point in Tas -Cockle Creek (Old whaling Station) stay night.
Day 10/11 Need to get to Strahan via Queenstown (historic Railway) and denuded hills also taking in Tahune Airwalk above the treetops and /or down to the Gordon River Dam and Lake Pedder. allow 2 days.
Day 12 Strahan Mc Quarie Harbour, Gordon River trip on to Zeehan Mining town overnight.
Day 13 Some may take the easier route to Smithton on North Coast  meeting the others going more difficult road via Reece, Corinna, crossing the Pieman River enjoying some of the cleanest air in the world  -roaring 40's  and all ending up in the Tarkine Forest
Day 14 Back along the North coast to the Nutt at Stanley,Penguin which is famous for something and on to catch the night ferry back to Melbourne.
Sorry not a lot of time for consideration if we want to secure bookings or would people rather have more time to plan waiting say until next November?
Please let me know if it raises your enthusiasm and what it will need to entice you along.