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Dear Ralph,
If you are getting fixed up with the wheels you want please ignore this. I do not want to cut across someone else's arrangement.
However when out with my brother today he mentioned that he had a set of 4 Audi wheels under his house and I mentioned that I thought someone was looking for one/them. I took the attached photo without cleaning up the wheel.
The wheel is stamped with 38/95 (year of manufacture?) The Audi logo, 6J x15 H2, ET 45 , 33807AS10E2  and they are shod with 185/65 R15 Michelin XMS tyres with only about 10% tread.The wheels are in good condition. He would sell them at $75 each or the 4 for $200. Don't know the background to them as they came from his son. He is located in Blackburn Vic. Could get more photos if required.
May I also thank those who have already sent Christmas greetings and provide the following link  if you want something to amuse the children on Christmas Day when they discover that Father Christmas forgot to provide batteries for the  scale model Syncro that he had otherwise thoughtfully left.
Happy Christmas everyone.

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Thanks for that, I like the look of the first attachment, they're more in keeping with the standard original accessory mag wheel.
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> Ralph,the ones in Phills 2nd attachment.They are from a 91 A4,

Actually 2001 - 2005.

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See what's on at the movies in your area. Find out now.