FW: [Syncro] Stainless steel coolant pipes

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Has anyone compared the stainless pipes provided by Busdepot with ones from Gowesty ?

Looking at the images of the two, the Gowesty ones seem to match the profile of the stock plastic tubes more, but maybe the image of the Busdepot ones are not actually syncro ?

http://www.gowesty. com/ec_view_ details.phpid= 4210&category_ id=&category_ parent_id=

http://www.busdepot .com/details. jsp?partnumber= 251121397LPR

It appears to me that the budepot ones have much sharper bends where they come up at the rear, or is this an illusion ?

We are preparing to do a 3.0 Subaru conversion and the stainless pipes from the engine come very close to the stock pipes, so correct alignment is important...