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Wow ... phantom difflocks! What were they thinking? ... come in spinner eh!

May I suggest 6-12 months constant looking is not an unreasonable time-frame to search for your prize. What you just went through stands you in good stead for future prospects. Good luck.



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Hey Guys,
Well thanks all for the input and special thanks to Ralph for puting me in touch with Dave who inspected the vehicle within 24 hrs and gave me a very good detailed account of the issues. Wow what a resourse this site is for us poor VW syncro nuts. Just the fact that he was able to tell me that the car was not a dual diff lock as advertised and had some other not so imprtant cosmetic faults made it easy for me to keep looking for that car that is just right for me. Have you changed your will yet Ken? Anyway if anyone knows of a good pop top Syncro camper for a reasonable price let me know.
Kind regards to all Pete
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