FW: [Syncro_T3_Australia] SCASIG (Syncro Cactus Air-con Special Interest Group)

Probably we should adjourn opening this can of worms to a later time. Too much end of year and holiday prep stuff going on at the moment.

At a suitable time, I'm thinking we really should get a separate SCASIG started on this topic to better cross-fertilise ideas/info to/from members willing to interact. Maybe even realise the construct of a DIY "PRESTIGE AC FOR DUMMIES" restore project sequence.

Happy Hols. Cheers.

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Hi Ken, looks like I've opened another can of worms ...

I started to fit the a/c to the syncro two summers ago but never finished it because there were always more important projects that got in the way- like the urgent engine rebuild and the transmission overhaul.

I'm still trying to get around to fixing the central locking that carked it a couple of years ago. It seems like I only think about the a/c when the weather gets hot, but that doesn't happen too often down here in Goulburn.

The good thing about kombis is they don't turn in to an oven on a sunny day, like most other cars. In a fit of weakness I nearly bought a new car a few months ago, but luckily sanity returned when I asked the salesman if I could get it without a black interior. He said no. I walked away muttering curses, and saved twenty thousand bucks.

I just finished wrapping a carton of beer for my neighbour's Chrissy present. [He gassed up the Rangie just last week]. Send me your questions, and I'll lay them on him when the time is right. He is a very busy bloke who works long hours, but we share a masochistic fetish for old Range Rovers and often comes over for a chat when he sees me working on mine. This happens quite a lot ...

It is interesting that Yurik mentioned molecular diffusion of the gas through the hoses. Paul [my good neighbour] said the same thing - apparently the new gas has smaller molecules than the old - which is why your hoses and O rings need to be in tip-top condition.

Did you find an appropriate modern compressor that is a good fit?

It's probably time to start thinking about finishing the a/c installation. They reckon that summer might come quite soon, although others say that we already had it last Wednesday.

Cheers, Roger.