Fw: Tassie Tour 2012

Pleased to receive a call from Paul who has confirmed his intention to come. 
Paul is meeting up with Jurgen in February at Tamworth and coming down together for the Tassie Tour. Tamworth should be a bit different for Jurgen to an Octoberfest.

Attached is the revised suggested itinerary which includes the Bay of Fires (Trust its not apocryphal) and the Salamanca market.

Checking the Spirit sailings I see that their prices fluctuate presumably according to demand which currently show the following:

To Devonport               Mon 18 9am Mon 18 9pm   From Devonport    Sun 10 7.30pm (& Sat) Mon & Tues 11/12 7.30pm
Deluxe Cabin $149 358 385 358

4 Berth $86 161 188 161

Shared Berth $86 161 188 161

Twin Berth $107 194 221 194

3  Berth $93 172 199 172

Ocean Recliner n/a n/a 155 128

Nil (Day time sailing) $65 n/a n/a n/a

All vehicles are $89 up to 2.1m high  

The TO Devonport rates are the same as the Mon 9pm ones for Tues 11 & Wed 12 whilst The Sat 8th & Sun 9th rates are the same as shown for the above FROM Devonport rates for Sat & Sun

We really do have to decide straight away and make our own bookings.  It would be better if we all travel together as we could agree last minute adjustments on the way over band it would be pleasant to mull over our experiences together for the return. If we take the Monday 9AM sailing  to Devonport we could say have a shared berth cabin for say 3 or 4 of us which could be shared between all of us  as no reserved seats are provided for the $65 daytime price. Cabins are shared by same gender only so would have to make an appropriate arrangement for Grace.

My preference is to go with the Monday 9am sailing and also return on the Monday sailing. So that we can lock our bookings in would you  urgently advise me  your preference. Paul I will assume you will go with the majority view.