Fwd: Les's memorial service - Photos & Words from Gerry

Here is Gerry's words and experiences from Les's funeral.



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Subject: Les's memorial service
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 23:04:17 +1100
From: robyn.gerald <robyn.gerald@bigpond.com>
To: Scott Pitcher <spbconsulting@bigpond.com>, robyn.gerald@bigpond.com

Hi Scott
Can you please put these photos on the Syncro forum with these words?

Hi Syncronauts, we spruced up Les's Trakks Syncro and drove it to his memorial service in Armidale, much to Rita's delight.
A great day with a few photos to share. Some of the people attending were Christine, Elka, Robyn, Theo, Hartmut and Scott.

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