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Hello Hamish,

Am 10.06.2013 21:44, schrieb HamishD:
Today I'm going to review solar Pannel controllers - have you ever heard of a German company called votronic?

I first came across votronic parts when reading the cdr of this guy http://www.wohnmobil-selbstausbau.com/bildergalerie.htm (sorry this is only available in English again, but the pics may be nice) who converted his truck into an expedition vehicle mostly himself and has been writing about his experience doing the conversion. He recommends votronic parts.

Phew! 480 Wp... and this thing is made for 24 V... Have you also noticed there are smaller capacities (and for 12 V) available, too? See http://www.votronic.de/en/catalog.php?mode=category&id=14&cattype=group&path=m_3_4_2&lang=en&PHPSESSID=u5049oiv75acbf7kib2g30dke0 for 160 Wp and 240 Wp controllers for example.

Running an (Engel) fridge as well as a (Webasto) heater and cooker, I was aiming at around 200 Wp solar panel(s) and was thinking about the 240 wp votronic controler first. While researching the (German) net, I was also coming across this company, which specialises in producing electronic components for RVs and campers http://www.buettner-elektronik.de/ I really don't want to bore you guys with German only texts, but the pictures of page 48 of their brochure (http://www.buettner-elektronik.de/handbuch/hb13.html#p=48) might also be of help. I would have gone for the votronic, but wanted to have both the panels and the controller from the same company.

During the last couple of months, there has been some discussion about votronic products on the German syncro site and there does not seem to exist any negative feedback.