Fwd: The Amarok takes on the challenge

VW have just released some footage of the Amarok in the NSW Snowy Mountains....

In the beginning some of the tracks wouldn't even challenge a Commodore, but it does get a bit better demonstrating the technology....

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The Uber Ute gets put
through its paces in the mountains of NSW.

Following a national competition, four lucky winners were flown to Mt Kosciusko National Park NSW, to put the Amarok through its paces. With off-road tracks, rivers and heavy cargo needing moving, the Amarok was right at home.

As part of the weekend, four videos were made of the winners testing the unique qualities that set the Amarok apart from its competitors. Here's what they got up to:

Uber agile - Ubermeister Anthony puts the Selectable 4MOTION system to the test, demonstrating the Amarok's off-road capabilities.

Uber safety - With enhanced ABS and ESP systems working in sync with the 4MOTION, this uber ute is well prepared for a rough ride.

Uber spacious - The only dual cab ute in Australia capable of carrying a standard Australian pallet, the Amarok boasts the widest load tray in its class.

Uber torque - With a bi-turbo diesel producing 400Nm torque at just 1500rpm, the Amarok combines class-leading power with uber efficiency, using less than 8l/ 100kms.

Now you've read about the Amarok getting down to business, watch the videos and see for yourself how it performs.


Your Volkswagen Team.

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