I have no particular topic but just wanted to say hello to the members of the forum.
It seems very quiet.
I am not a member of any other forum and I appreciate the work people do to keep this one going. I guess sometimes it is a thankless task.
My '89 syncro has done very few kms. in the last 3 years and has recently had all new coolant hoses incl. st. steel pipes installed.
Anyway. all the best
'89 Syncro TRAKKA (part)

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It was great to meet up Peter…hope to see you again.
Get out there and enjoy your Syncro.

Hi Peter,

I have stainless steel pipes too - love the fact that they will last forever - just the joining hoses that could go?

Great idea to do the rest of the coolant hoses - the VW donk uses loads of them. They are all getting very old!