Gearbox Breather

I have always been a little concerned that my gearbox breather is not high enough to avoid significant dust and water ingress just sitting at the top of the engine bay.

Hence, with this annoying lock-down, I took the opportunity to install a breather up high just under the roof line to the drivers side upper side vent with a custom bracket I made up from an old Subaru bracket, a handy bolt from an old crab bar I had up there, a hard air line and a piece of fuel line I had handy.

Turned out great and should keep my vent clean and dry in almost all situations.

Very tidy work Scott What is that actual breather unit? Peter

Hi peter,

I used this one that I sourced from Autobarn.

Turned out an easy fit but some engineering to get the bracket to work.

The lugs for the original snorkel location were quite helpful too.

How deep do you plan on going?

Almost up to the roof Phill.

Just kidding.

There was nowhere else that would be out of the weather and less dust accumulation than this spot.

Hence it went in there.

That’s very cool. Ever considered making a few more brackets and selling as a kit?

Hi Gaetan,

Not really, mine only works as there was a threaded bolt in the upper air vent and I had a spare Subaru bracket that I had to modify a bit to get it to work.

There is normally no bolt up there and I only have one from the old CRAB bar for the kids child seat.

CRAB bar is now long gone (kids are in late teens now). but that bolt was great.

This is why Iisted the parts and detailed what I did so its easy to fab up something yourself.

I did it in the early stages of lock-down when I had too much time on my hands. Now I have bought another 2wd T3 Caravelle GL auto for a project - which is keeping me very busy.



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